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Ways To Make Portable Toilets Appealing For Guests

Patsy Peterson

When hosting an outdoor event, portable toilets are necessary. However, there are a few thrifty ways to make these little restrooms more appealing to guests than their construction site reputation. In fact, after implementing some of the tips below, your portable toilets will be quite welcoming.

Get the Right Number

No one likes waiting in line for the restroom when there is a fun event happening, so start by making sure you have the right number of portable toilets for your guest list. This chart can help you determine how many portable toilets you'll need, based on crowd size and the length of your event (although you should also account for any beverages that are served). Some companies can also supply separate hand-washing stations outside the toilet to move crowds even faster.

Pick the Right Location

Restrooms should be easily accessible from your event venue but also not interfere with the aesthetic of the location. Remember to consider guests who may not want to walk a long distance to the portable toilets, especially the physically handicapped, elderly, or parents with small children who tend to take frequent pit stops.

While the position of the restrooms should be close enough for everyone to access, you also want to avoid having them show up in photographs of the event. While staged photos may be taking place well away from the portable toilet setup, many guests will be snapping pictures on their own devices wherever they happen to be. Placing the portable toilets behind an event tent or pavilion may keep them from showing up in photographs from the day. Displaying appropriate signage to direct guests to the restrooms is also key.

Dress It Up

Whether the event is a casual summer picnic or a posh evening affair, include the portable toilets in your decorating plans. It's actually fairly easy to hang pictures or posters on the inside walls or welcoming signage on the door that gives the restrooms a little flair. Remember to use an easily removable adhesive so as not to damage the walls when the decorations come down.

Another pretty idea is to create an easy drop ceiling inside the portable toilet by hanging a lightweight piece of fabric. Sheer fabrics like organza and tulle come in a variety of colors and can easily be attached to each ceiling corner, so as to hang down in the center and create a more elegant feel.

Lighting is another easy to way to create some glamour inside. Small holiday lights, Japanese lanterns, or flameless candles all work well to bring some of the party ambiance into the restroom. Be sure to select options that are battery-powered, as most portable toilets do not have electricity inside. Guests will also appreciate the extra lighting as the evening goes on and natural light fades.

Add Some Comfort

One of the best ways to make a portable toilet more welcoming is to create a sense of home comfort. A small vase of flowers or sweet-smelling potpourri can add just the right amount of appeal to the outdoor restroom. Air-fresheners are always a good idea, especially if your event will last several hours or involves a large crowd.

Guests also appreciate having a mirror to check their appearance or freshen up during their restroom visit, so hanging one inside the portable toilet is a much-appreciated addition. To give an even homier touch, make up a basket of restroom essentials such as extra toilet paper, tissues, hand lotion, or breath mints. If guests can leave the restroom feeling refreshed, they're bound to enjoy themselves more at the rest of the event.

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