family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

Leaky Toilets And Water Heaters: Why You May Need A Plumber To Handle Basic Plumbing Needs

Patsy Peterson

If you are able to handle some basic home repairs, you may make an attempt to repair a leaky toilet or water heater. If your attempts fail, and you find yourself in a bigger mess, it will be time to hire a professional plumber to help you get the work done right. While fixing the internal components of a toilet may be possible, sometimes it's hard to control the leak on your own if you aren't familiar with the various parts. With water heaters, a leak can indicate the need for a completely new water heater to be installed. It depends on what the leak is caused from, and this is usually easier to figure out if you are a plumber.

If Your Toilet Won't Stop Running

While a running toilet may not be leaking all over your floor, it could be wasting gallons of water every day. While shutting off the water will stop the toilet from running, you'll still need to fix the problem so that you have a working toilet. If you don't know how to change out a toilet on your own, a plumber can do this work for you. You can try changing out the internal components of your toilet on your own, but you may end up causing a mess in your bathroom.

When You Find Water in the Basement

Hot water heaters can leak for several reasons. If a valve is loose, or a pipe has a leak, you may find water on the ground. In addition, the water heater could be corroding on the inside, and the water you see is coming from the inside of the tank itself. If the water is rust colored, this usually means that the water tank is the source of the rust and it is probably beyond repair. If you aren't able to determine why there is water all over your basement floor, you'll have to call a plumber to assess the situation.

Even when you can fix any number of problems in your home on your own, you may find that you need to services of a professional plumber. Plumbing work often requires larger wrenches or professional quality drain snakes that you probably don't have lying around your home. If you need plumbing work done, a plumber is going to have all the tools they need to get the job done right the first time.  


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