family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

Why You Shouldn't Install Your Own Water Heater

Patsy Peterson

If your existing water heater has stopped working, you might be thinking about going out and buying another one and installing it yourself. However, even though it might seem like an easy job for you to DIY, you might find that you are better off hiring a professional plumber from a place like Garabedian Plumbing & Heating Inc to help you instead. These are a few reasons why.

1. It's Important to Choose the Right Water Heater

First of all, it can be helpful to have a bit of advice in choosing the right water heater. Some water heaters are more energy efficient than others, for example, You'll also want to make sure that the water heater is big enough for your home and family size. This can be a difficult thing to figure out on your own when you don't have experience, but a good plumber should know plenty about water heaters and should help you pick the right one.

2. Your Plumber Can Introduce You to Other Options

Additionally, a plumber can talk to you about alternative options. You might find that he or she can repair your water heater, for example. Another option is to consider installing a tankless water heater; even if you opt against a whole-house model, a plumber can install a small tankless water heater somewhere in your home, such as in your bathroom, to help you conserve energy and ensure that your family does not run out of hot water when you need it.

3. Installing Your Water Heater Properly is Important

Ensuring that your water heater is installed properly is probably very important to you and your family. First of all, you probably want to make sure that it works as it is supposed to so that your family does not have to do without hot water. Additionally, if your water heater is not installed as it is supposed to be, it could be more prone to leaks, which can cause serious flooding and property damage in your home. If you don't know what you are doing, you might not install your water heater properly, but this shouldn't be something that you have to worry about if you hire a professional, experienced plumber instead.

As you can see, unless you have experience in buying and installing water heaters, you might find that hiring a plumber is a better idea. If you call a local plumber, you can find out more about how much it will cost to have your water heater professionally installed.


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