family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

Tips for Naturally Unclogging a Drain

Patsy Peterson

If you are washing the dishes or trying to take a shower, and the water is not going down quickly enough, you are going to get annoyed. You need to make sure that your drains are clear to avoid these inconveniences. Here are some tips for clearing your drains naturally.

1. Plunge Your Kitchen Drain

There might be food particles that are trapped in the P-trap that is underneath the sink in your kitchen. The main sign of this being the problem is that your kitchen drain has a rank smell coming from it. This could be a result of rotting or molding food trapped in your P-trap. You can resolve this issue by taking a bathroom plunger and soaking it in disinfectant. Fill your kitchen sink halfway with warm water. Then, take the plunger and plunge away at the drain in your sink. This will loosen all of the food particles that are in the P-trap and allow you to flush them down the rest of the pipe or remove them from the top of the drain.

2. Use Salt and Hot Water on Bathroom and Kitchen Drains

Another option is to use salt and hot water on drains that are draining slowly as a result of a grease buildup or a soap buildup, which causes the pipes to narrow. Measure out half of a cup of salt and pour it into the drain. Then, heat a few liters of water so that they have started to bubble slightly but are not entirely boiling. Then, a little bit at a time, pour the hot water down the drain. Once you are done, test the drain. If it is still draining slowly, repeat the process. Do this until the drain has been cleared.

3. Use Dish Detergent and Hot Water on Kitchen Drains

If the salt and hot water is not doing the trick for the grease in your kitchen drain, consider heating a few liters of hot water. Stir in a few tablespoons of dish washing detergent. Pour the hot water down the drain a little bit at a time. Repeat this until the grease is cleared.

If none of the above solutions clear your pipes, talk to a plumbing service like Mr Rooter. A professional can use other methods to clear the clog and get water draining quickly again. They can also pinpoint any other issues that might be causing the slow drainage.


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