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family plumbing awareness

The Benefits Of PVC Plumbing Pipes

Patsy Peterson

If you are own an older home, you may need to have your home re-piped. Re-piping is needed if your old metal pipes are begin to rust, corrode, or crack. The frequency in which this needs to happen varies based on the type of pipes you have and the weather elements where you live, but a plumber can help you determine when it is time. Many plumbers recommend that you use plastic pipes for home plumbing instead of metal pipes now. When you need your home re-piped, you will have the option of two different types of plastic pipes; PVC and ABS. Learning the benefits of each product can help you decide which is right for your home. Here are three benefits associated with PVC plumbing pipes. 

PVC Does Not Contain BPA

One of the biggest benefits that PVC pipes have over ABS pipes is that PVC does not contain BPA. ABS pipes do contain BPA. Scientists are currently unclear whether there is a link to BPA and cancer. Some studies have shown there may be a link, but the results are currently inconclusive. As such, some people wish to avoid BPA until more is learned about it and any possible health effects it may cause. 

PVC Has More Flexibility Than ABS Pipes

Another benefit associated with PVC pipes is that they have more flexibility and give. ABS pipes are extremely rigid and have no give. If a plumber is trying to fit a pipe in a tight space, they may want to use PVC, as it can bend slightly, allowing the plumber to get it into that tight space without having to rip out more of your wall or concrete sub-floor. 

PVC Helps to Muffle the Sound of Water

The last benefit that PVC pipes have over ABS pipes is that PVC helps to muffle the sound of water better than ABS pipes. If you have good insulation between the pipe and your wall, this may not be a concern for you, as the insulation will help to muffle the sound. But if your home's insulation and drywall are older, and you hear sounds between the walls, you want pipes that help to muffle out the sound of water, and PVC does this. 

Both PVC and ABS plumbing pipes are similarly prices. As such, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type of pipe to determine which makes the most sense for your home when re-piping your home. If you have any questions, ask the plumbing company who is helping you. They can help you determine which may be better for you based on the layout of your home, the weather elements where you live and the type and number of water fixtures you have in your home. Click to read more.


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