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family plumbing awareness

Odor Management Tips For Portable Toilets

Patsy Peterson

Portable toilets are often a necessity at an event or worksite, but you may balk at the idea due to memories of malodorous facilities from the past. While a portable toilet will never provide the same experience as your restroom at home, you can make them more comfortable and less smelly. The following tips will help you manage odor issues when you have to rent a portable toilet.

Tip #1: Pick the right site

Location matters. Not only do you want a dry, level, and easily accessible location, but you also want to take steps to avoid anything that will increase the odor. The best location for the portable toilets is near but not too close to the center of activities. If possible, choose a slightly shaded location, such as under a canopy of trees. The heat of the midday sun can otherwise make odors more prominent. Another consideration is airflow. You don't want to pick a place that is cut off from the breeze or where the air tends to become stagnant.

Tip #2: Get tutored on deodorizer treatments

For low traffic rentals, waste may sit in the portable toilet tank for several days. Naturally, the smell gets stronger as time passes. Most rental companies will treat the tank with a biocide, which kills odor-causing bacteria, as well as a deodorant treatment. In some cases, you may need to reapply these treatments at regular intervals until the toilet tank is emptied. It's usually a painless procedure – you simply pour the requisite amount of the treatment into the tank. Ask your rental company to walk you through the procedure.

Tip #3: Be realistic about use numbers

Renting too few toilets is a sure way to create overly full, smelly tanks. Another issue is waiting too long between pumping of the tanks. Be realistic about how heavily you expect the toilets to be used. It's better to err on the side of overuse so that the toilets are emptied more often, since this will result in the least amount of odor. Also, if the toilets experience an unforeseen period of overuse, make sure to call for an early emptying and service.

Tip #4: Clean and maintain often

Not all odors are just from the holding tanks. If the rest of the unit becomes messy, it can smell as well. Set a regular cleaning schedule to hose out the interior of the units and scrub down surfaces. This should be done at least once a day, or as often as hourly if an event leads to heavy use of the facilities. Hanging signs to instruct users to close the lid after every use will also help cut down on odors escaping the tanks and permeating the entire interior of the toilet unit.

For more help, contact a porta potties rental service.


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