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family plumbing awareness

Four Tips To Keep Construction Site Porta Potties Cleaner

Patsy Peterson

Most people do not think of porta potties as being clean, but they do not have to be disgusting if they are managed properly. If you rent porta potties for your construction site, there are a few things you can do to help make sure they don't turn into smelly cesspools.

1. Rent enough porta potties.

Make sure you have enough porta potties rented to meet the needs of your workers. A good guideline is to rent one porta potty per 6 workers on-site. So, if you have a team of 18 workers, you would need three porta potties. If you have several shifts working so the construction site is active for more than 8 - 10 hours a day, add an extra porta potty or two to the count to make up for the extra waste generated.

2. Rent handwashing stations, too.

People will be cleaner about using the porta potty if they also have somewhere to wash their hands. They won't be so worried about grabbing a paper towel before touching anything inside the porta potty, so you won't end up with as many paper towels strewn about the porta potty or filling up the chamber. Rent about one handwashing station for every four porta potties. Place it near the porta potties so that your workers do not miss it.

3. Remind workers to be considerate of others.

Sometimes, employees just need a little reminder that they are not the only one using the restroom and that they should therefore go above and beyond to keep it clean. Mention this in your weekly meetings or include it in the company email. Do not accuse your employees of being messy, but instead just discuss the importance of cleanliness.

4. Have the toilets pumped more often.

Most toilet rental companies will come pump the porta potties periodically while they are on-site. Tell them how long your workers on on the job each day, and they will tell you how often it's recommended to have the toilets pumped. Every three to four days is pretty standard. If it is very hot outside, you may want to have them pumped every other day or even daily to keep odors at bay.

If you follow the tips above, your porta potties should stay cleaner. To learn more about the proper pumping schedule and how many porta potties to rent, talk to a local rental company.


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