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family plumbing awareness

Long Hair And Drains Don't Mix: Tips For Keeping Your Drains Clear

Patsy Peterson

Long hair is one of the most difficult to contend with problems when it comes to plumbing. In fact, the vast majority of plumbing issues have to do with hair clogs, even if only one person in your home has long hair. Here's what you need to know about keeping your drains clog free.

Why is Long Hair Such a Problem?

It would seem like long hair should just flow down the drain. However, the problem is that long hair often gets caught on the drain itself. Once the hair gets caught, it gets tangled up in other things. Hair is elastic, which means it doesn't break easily. It continues accumulating other hair, dirt, and even bugs. Hair also swells with water when wet, which means it becomes larger in pipes. Finally, hair also experiences a build-up of residue: it becomes caked in soap and grease.

How Can You Prevent Hair Clogs?

Preventing hair clogs is all about preventing hair from going down the drain at all. Usually, you want to use a hair catcher that fits over the drain. A hair catcher is going to collect hair, though, so it has to be cleaned off frequently. Though this is far from a pleasant experience, it's a necessary one. You can also reduce the amount of hair that goes into the drain (and into the drain catcher) by brushing out your hair before you step into the shower.

What Should You Do With a Hair Clog?

When a hair clog does occur, it can be eliminated either chemically or mechanically. Chemical removal usually involves over-the-counter chemicals that are poured down the drain and dissolve the hair and what's stuck to it. Over time, though, this can damage pipes, and it may not work on very large clogs. The safer and faster way is to manually extract the hair.

For smaller clogs, you can usually purchase at the hardware store a hair puller, which will fit down the drain and be twisted, to collect the hair in it. For larger clogs or clogs that go down farther, you will need to call a professional. A professional will be able to clean your pipes quickly.

If you're already experiencing a clog, the time to act is now; it'll only get worse with time. The right drain cleaning tools can help. Alternatively, you may want to call a professional and begin using preventative measures from now on.


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