family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

5 Signs You Need To Call A Water Heater Repair Technician

Patsy Peterson

The life expectancy of an average hot water heater is much shorter than most people use such systems for, coming in at about 10 to 20 years. From rusting to developing mineral deposits, they can malfunction or become inefficient in a variety of ways. Knowing what signs to look for will give you a leg up on any trouble before it has a chance to get out of hand.

Cloudy or Discolored Water

Seeing water that doesn't look crystal clear is a sign that you might need to talk with a water heater repair services provider. This is a common sign that the filter is no longer working properly. It may not necessarily be the water heater's fault, as there might be trouble elsewhere in the lines. By bringing in a professional, however, you can begin to track down the problem.

If there is anything building up in the tank, it needs to come out immediately. Accumulation of sentiments in a tank can alter everything from the speed at which it heats to how much output the system provides.

Water That Isn't Hot

Even a slight decline in the temperature of the water you're getting may be a sign it's time to consult with a water heater repair contractor. In most instances, especially with electric systems, it should be possible to replace a heating element.


Any noise besides that produced by the flow of water is bad. The most common reason for a tank to rumble or shudder is a build of sediments in the system. This is particularly the case when sediments start to accumulate around lines, leading to a build-up of pressure that creates a kick once the system has overcome it.


There are a variety of points where a hot water heater can begin to look. You should never have trouble with holes in the tank because rust in the water ought to flag such problems long before the tank itself is compromised. There are, however, a number of seals and valves that can give way as the setup ages. A quick look around the heater for indications of corrosion may help you spot developing leaks before they start flowing.

Tastes and Smell

Any sort of odd tastes or smells coming from the hot water should be addressed immediately. It's likely a sign that something unexpected is getting into the tank and creating fouling it.

Contact a water heater repair service for more help.


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