family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

3 Ways To Deal With A Lack Of Plumbing Repair Funds

Patsy Peterson

Do you have leaky plumbing in your home but can't afford to fix it? Are you considering selling your house because you simply can't pay for the maintenance costs? In many areas, owning a home and paying for a mortgage costs less than renting an apartment. At least until some emergency comes up and depletes your savings. Although you might be tempted to go back to renting, you shouldn't be forced to do so. Some things that you can do that may help are as follows:

Look for deals: Sometimes, you're only short by a few dollars. If this sounds like you, you may be able to cope by finding coupons rather than needing actual plumbing assistance. Many plumbers will offer deals during slow times so that they can get more business. If you live somewhere that it freezes frequently, you may be able to find various offers in the spring and summer months because the plumber is busier in the winter dealing with burst pipes. If you live somewhere slightly warmer, you may find more deals in the autumn and winter months because there will be more home renovations during the spring and summer months. Regardless of where you live, you will likely always be able to find a plumber who is offering plumbing assistance, such as a free initial inspection, estimate, or service call.

Ask your utility company: Whether you're facing a temporary setback or something more permanent, there are many plumbing assistance programs out there. You can find some of these programs online, but there may be more local programs that have little to no information published on the internet. If this is the case, the company you pay your water bill to may have information on various programs that may help. They want you to be able to afford your water bill, so they are often more than happy to help you find ways to cut costs and pay for necessary repairs.

Do some DIY: Even with plumbing assistance, costs can still skyrocket if you're calling a plumber to your home for every single issue. Although there are some plumbing repairs that you shouldn't attempt without a lot of experience, there are some fixes that are cheap and easy for just about anyone to do. This includes replacing worn out rubber gaskets or washers in your sink and changing out the float valve assembly in your toilet to stop it from flushing all the time. By doing these minor things yourself, you'll have more funds available for serious plumbing issues.


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