family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

Living In An Old Home With Concerning Sewer Pipes? Call A Plumber Right Away

Patsy Peterson

Living in a home that is decades old can often bring surprises and unexpected repairs and home improvement projects. If you think that there are some flaws with your sewer system, and that maybe the pipes under the ground are leaking or having concerns, this is a situation that needs immediate attention.

If you don't know how old the septic system is, or when it was last examined, serviced, or replaced, find a sewer contractor in your area. Have them come to the property to evaluate the following things to see if you need immediate repairs.

Damaged Pipes

It will be most important to see if the pipes are currently leaking anywhere in your home, or possibly around the property outside of your home. This could do the following damages:

  • Pollute and contaminate the soil, groundwater and air
  • Compromise the soil and backfill around the property causing structural concerns with the foundation
  • Causing internal clogs and backups of sewage inside the home

The sewage professionals will use cameras to investigate the pipes. The cameras will see if there are clogs, or if there are leaks causing water to drain outside of the pipes.

Compromised System

Blockages or leaks inside the plumbing system can cause problems, like sewage not draining properly from toilets and not having enough air pressure or pull to get into the septic tank or the city sewer lines. The sewer experts will look to see what potential problems you are dealing with because of the compromised system, and what health hazards you may have to be weary of.

Trenchless Repair Options

Ask if trenchless repair options are possible if you need to do work on the pipes that take sewer out of your home and the septic tank, or to the city sewer lines. This method can be a fast and easier solution in comparison to completely replacing the existing pipes, and you don't have to dig up your property. Instead, new pipe lines are pushed through from the inside of the home, and then those will work as the new pipe lines.

If you smell sewage outside around your home, the soil around the house is wet, and your toilets aren't flushing and sewage isn't moving as it should, call the professionals. You want to start working on the problem before you end up with a big mess and a lot of damages that are costly and time consuming to repair. Contact a company, like the plumber LLC, for more help.


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