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family plumbing awareness

Installation Considerations For Your New Hot Tub

Patsy Peterson

Buying a hot tub is a great investment for your family because it gives you somewhere to gather and relax in soothing heat. However, first-time hot tub buyers may not know how to choose the proper place to put their new tub, and may end up putting it somewhere that leads to problems down the road, either due to electrical connectivity issues or even soil instability. Here are some things to think about when you're deciding where to put your new investment.

Make Sure It Is Level

No matter where you decide to put it, one of the most important considerations is ensuring that the location is level. This is important because the water in the hot tub won't stay level otherwise. In addition, it can leave the tub unstable and at risk of tipping if it isn't securely level on solid ground. If necessary, have someone come in and level the ground for you where you decide to install it.

Choose Stable Ground

You need stable ground for the tub. Remember that a filled hot tub can weigh several hundred pounds, and that weight can be damaging to unstable soil. If the soil on your property is sandy and loose, you will need to consider having a concrete pad poured instead for support. This is important because eroding and shifting soil can cause damage to the tub itself.

Maintain Access To The Control Panels

The service panels, circuit breakers, and electrical panels are all key components for your hot tub. Not only do you need to be able to access them easily in the event of an emergency, your service technician will also need to be able to get to them for routine maintenance. Make sure that you position your hot tub so that these panels are easy to access.

Keep Distance From The Electrical Outlets

Your hot tub will need electrical access so you need to place it somewhere near an outlet. However, you cannot place it too close to those electrical outlets because water splashing out of the tub could cause an electrical short if it reaches the outlet. Make sure that you install the tub somewhere far enough from the outlets to prevent this problem.

Consider The Sun

If you plan to use your hot tub even during daylight hours, another thing you will want to think about is where the sun hits. You don't want to have the sun beating directly down on the hot tub because that will intensify the heat of the water. Choose somewhere shaded by trees so that you can comfortably use it any time of day.

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