family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

When Your Septic System Is Showing Signs Of Problems It's Time To Get Help

Patsy Peterson

A septic system doesn't require a ton of maintenance, but it should be cleaned out every other year to keep it from getting full. Your septic tank will last about 40 years, while your leach field will be in good shape for about 20 years. In the lifetime of one septic tank, you'll need to have a second leach field created to keep your septic system working well. When you have a septic system, it's important to pay attention to signs that the system isn't working as well as it should. Bright green grass above your tank or leach field, slow moving drains, or unidentified puddles in your yard can all mean there is an issue that needs to be addressed. 

Bright Green Grass in Your Yard

If you see bright green patches in your yard that are near the septic tank or leach field, this is due to the high levels nutrients in the soil from wastewater that isn't draining properly. If you notice that the grass is dry and brittle near your septic tank, this means that your system is working well and getting rid of all the water content in the soil quickly. Bright spots of grass are not a good thing when you own a septic system.

Puddles When It Doesn't Rain

A failing septic system creates puddles of wastewater in your yard that rise up because the water isn't being managed correctly. This usually indicates that the system needs to be replaced because it is failing and is not going to work properly. Getting your tank cleaned out every other year and having your system checked for problems can prolong the life of your septic system and avoid puddling water.

When Your Plumbing Works Strangely 

If you notice that your toilet gurgles when you flush it or it takes a long time for all of the drains in your home to drain water, this is probably because your septic tank is getting full. If there is a clog in the line going to your septic tank, this can cause similar problems as well. Have a professional septic system service company come and check out what is going on when you see problems with the way your plumbing works.

Your septic system will give you years of wastewater management, but it's important to pay attention to warning signs that something isn't right. If you aren't sure, call to have your septic tank serviced right away.


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