family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

3 Signs That You May Have A Pipe That Needs To Be Repaired

Patsy Peterson

A home's plumbing system consists of a number of pipes, located both indoors and outdoors. Since the majority of pipes are hidden behind walls or underground, it can be difficult to determine when a pipe is damaged and needs to be repaired by an experienced plumber. However, there are subtle signs that can point to pipe issues, and it is important to recognize these signs so you can have a damaged pipe repaired quickly before a leak causes a lot of expensive water damage. Some of the most common signs that you may have a leaking pipe that needs to be repaired include:

Higher Than Normal Water Bill

One of the more common signs of a leaking pipe that is in need of repair is a higher than normal water bill. Most households tend to use around the same amount of water each month, so a big spike in your water bill can be alarming. If you have not changed your water usage, but you receive an unusually high water bill, it is a good idea to contact a plumber for leak detection services. If a leak is detected, you can have pipe repairs done quickly and promptly.

Mold or Mildew Growth

The last thing that any homeowner wants is for mold or mildew to grow in their home. However, when there is excess moisture due to a leaking pipe, it often does not take long for mold to begin thriving. If you see spots of mold or mildew growing anywhere in your home, don't ignore it or brush it off. When there is mold or mildew, it often means that there is water somewhere, and in many cases the water is from a leaking pipe that needs to be fixed. In the event of unexplainable mold or mildew growth, contact a plumber to schedule an appointment to have your pipes checked.

Sudden Drop in Water Pressure

When all of the pipes in a home's plumbing system are in good repair, water flows at a constant rate. However, when a pipe is damaged and leaking, it disrupts the pressure within the pipes, resulting in low water pressure. If you have a pipe that has cracked and needs to be repaired, your home may experience a sudden loss of water pressure. In the event that the water pressure is low in your showers and faucets, it may be due to a damaged pipe. 


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