family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

Why You'Re Likely Experiencing Plumbing Problems

Patsy Peterson

If you are having problems with your home's plumbing system, it is likely due to something being stuck in the drain that shouldn't be there. While you may be doing all you can to keep certain items away from your drains, it is possible that other people are not being as careful as you or the problem is out of your control. Here are some common causes for residential plumbing problems.

Tree Roots

Many people do not realize the damage that tree roots can cause to your home's plumbing. It is possible to have tree roots that are growing into the main sewer line that travels out to your city's sewer system. Tree roots are going to cause a problem where waste is unable to easily flow past it, causing a blockage that needs to be cleared out. You'll need to hire a plumber that specializes in hydro jetting or sewer snaking to fix this problem.

Pipe Collapse

Another problem that can happen unexpectedly is a sewer line collapse. This can happen with older sewer lines made with drain tiles, which are more likely to become damaged due to old age and normal wear and tear. Repairing this type of problem will require excavating your yard to reach the pipe and make the necessary replacement.

Improperly Flushed Items

Household members may be responsible for flushing items down toilets that should never go in there. It may start with small things like baby wipes or paper towels, but it will become really problematic if it escalates to feminine products, cat litter, and other things of that nature. Avoid putting anything into a toilet that is not toilet paper to keep the pipes flowing. If you have kids in the house, make sure they are aware of the rules of what goes into the toilet.

Kitchen Waste

There is a lot of kitchen waste that can accidentally make its way down your drains, especially if you have a garbage disposal. It's easy to put everything in the disposal when you assume that it will do its job of chopping everything up so it is safe to put down a drain. A common problem is rinsing items off in the sink that have grease. You should be collecting grease in a separate container and then throwing it away in the trash.

Reach out to a local plumber if you need assistance with clearing a clog that is deep within your drains.


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