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Does Your Event Need Deluxe Portable Toilets?

Patsy Peterson

Planning any event is usually a fun and exciting activity. Whether you're putting together a wedding, an outdoor corporate event, or a music festival, there's always more work to do and more creative ways to build something memorable for your guests. At least, that's true until you start considering your restroom facilities. Portable toilets are a fact of life for almost any outdoor event, and failing to accommodate the needs of your guests adequately can quickly lead to disaster.

Fortunately, selecting the number of portable toilets that you'll need for your event isn't too difficult, and most rental companies will be happy to help you. Sometimes you want to provide just a bit more for your guests, however. Deluxe toilets can swoop in and fill this space, offering you the opportunity to provide your guests with more than just the bare necessities.

Deluxe Portable Toilets

Not all portable toilets are the same. When you think of a portable outdoor toilet, you're probably picturing a plastic box with a chemical toilet inside. These simple units get the job done, but using them isn't exactly pleasant. If basic units aren't good enough for your guests, then you have several additional options.

The definition of "deluxe" will vary a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer, but these restroom facilities generally offer more amenities than the more basic options. Smaller varieties usually have optional upgrades, such as interior hand sanitizer dispensers or racks for coats. Self-contained units with sinks are available as well, and these include integrated water storage to minimize your on-site utility needs. Note that these units are also well-suited for situations where your guests must have clean hands, such as festivals with large amounts of food.

Going Bigger

Want to provide even more comfort and more amenities? Consider upgrading to a restroom trailer. These portable units tend to have less capacity per square foot than their smaller cousins, but they offer all the comforts of home. Trailers are typically available in either single or multiple occupancy forms, with larger trailers containing individual stalls. Although these units offer maximum comfort for your guests, there are two major considerations to keep in mind: power and water.

Many trailer units have integrated storage for water, but they function better when external water sources are available. Likewise, trailers require that electricity be available on-site. Most rental companies will offer generator rentals on an as-needed basis, but this requirement is critical to keep in mind. While big trailers can keep your guests from feeling the squeeze, their additional needs can make more work for you.

Whatever path you choose to take, remember that you don't need to feel constrained by the standard portable toilet. Many options are available to fit a variety of event needs, giving you the freedom to choose facilities that will keep your guests happy and comfortable.

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