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family plumbing awareness

Why a Water Leak Is a Plumbing Emergency That Needs Attention

Patsy Peterson

Any time you have a plumbing problem where water is leaking in your home, you need to find a quick solution, which can often mean calling an emergency plumber. A water leak can't wait until business hours to be stopped, and fortunately, it's possible to find a plumber who can help on weekends and nights. Here's a look at what can cause a water leak emergency, how a plumber might address the problem, and what you can do to reduce your risk of a major water leak in your home.

What Causes Water Leaks

Your plumbing can leak for a number of reasons, and a leak isn't always an emergency if you can isolate the pipe and turn off the water in that area with a shut-off valve. When you can't stop the flow of water, you have a true emergency. This can happen with a slab leak when a pipe ruptures due to old age. When a pipe is under the foundation, it's hard to stop a leak if you can't get the water to shut off.

You might have trouble shutting off the water when the shut-off valve is stuck. This is a common problem since hard water can deposit mineral scale on plumbing connections and lock the connections and valves in place making them impossible to turn.

A leak in the main water valve or pipe is also an emergency because there is no way to shut off the water flow when the leak is on the street side of your water main valve. You'd have to turn the water off at the water meter, and your city probably prohibits that even if you have the right type of tool needed.

How An Emergency Plumber Might Help

The plumber may not bust up your foundation in the middle of the night, but they can stop the flow of water so your house doesn't get flooded and so you can start drying out your space. The short-term goal, if possible, maybe to stop the flow of water to the leaky area while keeping water flowing to your kitchen and bathrooms. The plumber may even repair pipes or make other plumbing repairs that solve the leak so your household can get back to its normal routine as quickly as possible.

How To Reduce The Risk Of Plumbing Leaks

A major cause of plumbing leaks is because the pipes are old and damaged by corrosion. Know the condition of your pipes so you understand the risk of a pipe bursting and causing a major leak. If your pipes are at risk, talk to a plumber about having them replaced with new pipes so you can protect your home from water damage.

Also, check your main water valve regularly so it doesn't get locked in place. Being able to shut off the water at the main valve to your house might cause an inconvenience due to a lack of water, but it could save your home from water damage.


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