family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

Tips To Keep In Mind Before And After Installing Your New Well Pump

Patsy Peterson

Having a well on your property can provide your family with its own private source of water that can save you money over time. Today's well pumps and other well machinery are also built well enough that you can get solid water pressure all day, every day just as you would if you were still using the local city's supply. But if you want to ensure that your new well pump continues to get the job done for you and your family, you'll want to go into the installation process with the following tips in mind.

Count Your Faucets and Fixtures

Have you had trouble with previous well pumps during times of peak water usage? Have you installed additional faucets or sinks or a new bathroom in your house since when the water well and pump were first installed? This is an opportunity to ensure that you'll never have a problem getting exactly as much water as you need ever again. Count every faucet or fixture in your home and then give that number to the well pump installer. A seasoned well professional will calculate how many gallons per minute your new pump needs to be able to send to your house during peak water usage. Then, you'll be able to shower in the morning while someone is using water to cook breakfast and someone else is running a sink in another room without having to worry about the water pressure or supply.

Invest in Good Wire Installation

When most people imagine a well pump breaking down, they might think it happens because of the motor finally giving out. But there's another part of your well pump that you should pay close attention to during your next installation, and that's the wire insulation. Every time the motor turns on or off, it can cause the entire apparatus to move back and forth a little bit. This will cause wiring to rub against the ground or sidewall. If you don't opt for excellent wire insulation, you could eventually have an exposed wire that will short-circuit the entire well pump. Your wiring and wire insulation are just as important as larger well pump pieces like the motor.

Regular Inspection Is Key Even for New Pumps

After your well pump is installed, you should set up your first regular maintenance appointment with the same contractor. Just because it's brand-new does not mean it will not require regular maintenance. Having a professional out to your property on a regular basis will ensure that your new well pump installation remains in top condition for years to come

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