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family plumbing awareness

3 Tankless Water Heater Issues and How to Repair Them

Patsy Peterson

Tankless water heaters are supposed to give you hot water on demand, but if you aren't getting that hot water, it may be a problem with your water heater. There are a number of reasons why your tankless hot water heater isn't giving you hot water. Read on for a few issues why your tankless hot water heater isn't giving you hot water and what you may be able to do about it.

1. Calcium Buildup

Mineral buildup can occur in a tank water heater and can also occur in a tankless water heater as well. This is because all of that water going through your system can eventually cause sediment to build up and settle to the bottom of the tank. When this occurs, it can cause your water heater to not be able to function properly. If your water heater begins to malfunction, it may be because of this buildup. You need to flush out your tank at least once or twice per year. Flush the tank using a cleaner that is made for tankless water heaters.

2. Not Enough Hot Water

If you have too many people using the hot water in your home, it can eventually cause your system to run out of hot water. Even a tankless water heater will eventually run out of hot water. If this occurs, you need to either not use too much of the hot water at once, or you should invest in a larger heater to allow for more capacity. Just like a tank water heater, it needs to be large enough for those in your home. If your family has gotten bigger, your tankless water heater needs to accommodate all extra usage.

3. No Flame

Your hot water heater works only if it has a flame and gas to ignite the flame. If you don't have a flame, it may be an ignition issue, or you could also have a gas problem. Be sure the gas is turned on all the way, and that you have gas in your home at all. If you have a propane tank, be sure your propane tank isn't empty. If you have natural gas supplied to your home, make sure you have a supply coming to your home and you don't have a leak somewhere that is preventing it from getting to your tankless water heater. If you have a leak, you need to call your gas company. If you don't have any gas at all, you need to call your gas supplier to get more. If you have an ignition problem, not a gas problem, call a professional company for help making the repair.

If you have a tankless water heater and you are having problems with it, call a professional repairman for help.


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