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family plumbing awareness

3 Common Causes Of Smelly Drains And How Plumbers Can Help

Patsy Peterson

Smelly drains can make your home impossible to live in. Most of the time, the problem starts as a simple off smell coming out of one of the wastewater openings, and then the foul smell permeates the entire home. Other times the issues develop inside the home plumbing, and before you realize it, the house is saturated with a foul odor.

Either way, the best solution to smelly drains is not masking the smell with air freshener or similar products; the best way to deal with the problem is by calling in a plumber to inspect the system. Below are some causes of smelly drains and how professional plumbing services can help you resolve the issue.

1. When You Have Issues With the Sewer Gas Trap

The gas trap in the sewer system, also known as the P-Trap, is the part of your sewer system that traps all the gases from the sewer and prevents them from getting back into the house. The P-trap typically contains water, and you can even peep down your drain and locate it.

Every time you take a shower or use the bathroom, the water in the trap is replaced. If the water is not replaced, the old water might get smelly, and the odor will travel back up. A leak in the plumbing can also interfere with water storage in the trap. A plumber will locate the leak and fix it so you can enjoy a fresh-smelling home.

2. When Organic Waste Builds up Inside the Drain

Most of the drain odor problems are caused by the buildup of organic wastes inside the pipes. When hair, food particles, and grease get stuck in the drainpipes, they become breeding ground for bacteria. As the bacteria break down this organic matter, it gives off a nasty smell.

It is advisable to call in a plumber to check the condition of your system. If there are blockages, they will remove them and eliminate the bad smell from your home.

3. When You Have Problems With the Sewer Line

The third common reason for drain smells is blockages and problems with your sewer line. If there is a leak or blockage in your sewer line, waste will not move as it should out of your house.

A blocked sewer line does not remove gases from your home, and the gases back up into the house.

All these are problems that can be fixed by a competent plumber. Contact one as soon as you realize you have odd smells in the home for a fast and safe resolution to the problem. Contact Knights Plumbing & Drain for more. 


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