family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

5 Tips to Prevent Hairy Drain Situations

Patsy Peterson

Bathroom drains are very prone to blockages due to hair and soap scum buildup. Fortunately, you can prevent this problem with a little foresight.

1. Install Drain Screens

Certain drains are more likely to suffer drain clog, namely those in the bathroom sink or the tub or shower. Install a screen over these drains to catch the worse of the hair and soap scum before it makes it into the pipes. Most screens are designed to sit in the drain, so you can remove them easily to wipe them clean once a day. The result will be much less hair in the drain.

2. Clean the Hair Trap

Many bathroom drains come with an integrated hair trap. This may be a post or a chain that descends into the drain some distance. You can generally remove it by gently twisting the drain stopper and lifting it, although some designs have a hook under the sink that you need to release to lift the stopper. Once lifted, you can easily remove the hair and soap scum trapped on the stopper. Do this task whenever you notice the drain emptying more slowly.

3. Use Hot Water

When bathing or shaving, always make sure that the last thing to run down the drain is hot water. Cold water causes soap scum to quickly congeal, trapping hair and other debris. This increases the chances of a clog. If you run hot water down the drain last, the soap is kept liquid and the scum and hair are more likely to wash out of the bathroom drain and down the sewer pipe.

4. Rinse Weekly

A weekly rinse of your drains with a kettle of boiling water does much the same task as running the hot water, but better. The boiling water will loosen and rinse out any scum that has managed to collect in the drains, which will prevent hair from becoming caught and causing a clog. Pour the water slowly down the tub or shower and the sink drain in your bathroom to help keep them running well.

5. Clean Annually

An annual deep drain cleaning can further ensure that you don't develop any hair clogs that could lead to a major backup or a drain pipe leak. Your plumber will use an auger or a hydro jet to thoroughly clean out any soap scum, hair, or other debris that has collected in both your individual drains and your main drain line. Contact a plumbing service like Du-West Foundation Repair for more assistance. 


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