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family plumbing awareness

Five Common Issues With A Bathtub Faucet

Patsy Peterson

There are a few problems that can plague the faucet and tap assembly that serves your bathtub. The following can help you troubleshoot these issues so you can repair the faucet.  

1. Poor Water Flow

Weak water flow out of the faucet is a nuisance because it can greatly increase the time it takes to fill the tub. A blockage inside the tap is typically the cause. Inside the faucet head is a mesh screen, called an aerator. Mineral buildup on the aerator is the usual culprit when there is low water flow. You can clean or replace this screen to fix the issue. Sometimes mineral scale may also buildup in the faucet head, which will then require cleaning.

2. Water Discoloration

Discolored brown or red water coming from a tub faucet indicates either an issue with the main water supply or with your plumbing. If the discoloration is affecting both you and your neighbors, the municipal supply is to blame. If it is only affecting your tub faucet, then the faucet itself or the water supply pipe leading to it has begun to rust. Replacement is necessary.

3. Wall Leaks

Leaks can occur where the faucet attaches to the water supply, which is behind the wall of your tub surround. You may notice water damage to the floor or wall near the tub. Weak water flow or the sound of dripping water in the wall are other signs of a leak. The faucet may also feel loose when you use it. Prompt repair is necessary not only because leaks compromise the effectiveness of the faucet, but also because they can lead to major water damages within your walls.

4. Faucet Drips

A dripping faucet is a major annoyance, and it also wastes water and money. The cause is usually a worn-out gasket, washer, or O-ring. What is worn out depends on the type of faucet you have. Having the worn-out component replaced will solve the leak problem so that the faucet no longer drips when it isn't in use.

5. Failure to Divert

If you have a tub-shower combo, there is likely a valve somewhere on your faucet assembly that you switch on to divert water from the faucet to the showerhead. If the water fails to divert, then the diverter inside the faucet has gone out. You will need to replace it in order to restore full functionality.

Contact a residential plumber if you suspect an issue with your bathtub faucet or need residential plumbing repair.


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