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Great Advice For Dealing With Fan Belt Issues

Patsy Peterson

If you have a furnace with a fan belt, it may not always be primed to work great. You can usually tell when this component makes a lot of noise. You won't struggle to repair this component if these tips are considered before you act.

Locate Blower First

Not every furnace will have the same layout, but most of the time, the blower where the fan belt is located will be at the bottom of the furnace. You need to find it first before you can do anything about a fix or repair.

There should be a couple of access panels that you can remove near the bottom of the furnace. Take them off and see if you can see the blower. If you can, then the fan belt should be in plain sight. Now that you've located this part, you're ready to put together a solution.

Take Belt Off for Proper Inspection

The belt is one of the easier components to inspect around the blower because you can simply take it off for a thorough inspection. You'll want to do this too so that you can see all sides and areas for possible damage.

Keep inspecting the belt until you can find out why it's making a bunch of noise. Maybe the belt has worn down excessively, or maybe the belt is torn completely. You need to perform these inspections before you really know how to fix the problem.

Tighten Belt if No Damage Is Present

If you don't see any damage with the fan belt, then that's probably not the reason why this component was causing a bunch of noise. Instead, it could have been because the belt was too loose. You'll then just want to tighten this belt so that it can perform great.

Be careful to not tighten the belt too much though because you don't want to put the belt through too much wear and tear. Then replacing this belt may be a pretty chronic issue that piles up your part costs. If you need assistance, hire a furnace repair technician.

Furnaces of all kinds have a lot of different components. One of the most relevant for the blower is the fan belt. If it's giving you trouble, take your time looking over this part and seeing what solutions would be best moving forward. Fortunately, this is one of the easier parts to inspect and address. 


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