family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

  • 4 Tips For Maintaining A Garbage Disposal

    Like any appliance, garbage disposals can benefit greatly from regular maintenance. Here are four tips to help you prevent clogs in your kitchen drains and keep your garbage disposal in working order. Know What Not to Put in the Garbage Disposal Many common problems arise from homeowners trying to use garbage disposals for materials they were not designed for. Hard food scraps like bones, popcorn kernels, and fruit pits can dull the blades and prevent the disposal from grinding food properly.

  • Hair Dye And Hair Strands Clogged Up Your Sink Drain? Unblock It With These Tips

    If hair dye and strands of hair clog up your sink drain and plumbing pipe, do something about it now. The chemicals in hair dyes can damage the insides of your sink's plumbing pipe over time, especially if they build up along the sides of the pipe. If you lost strands of hair during the color treatment, your problem becomes worse. The hair keeps the dyes from flushing down the drain when you run water in the sink.

  • 7 Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Boiler

    A boiler heats a home with hot water and has some advantages over a furnace. For one, it distributes heat more evenly throughout your house. Another great aspect of a boiler is that it is perfectly silent. However, if you want your boiler to last a long time, you have to spend a good amount of time maintaining it. Here are seven effective ways to take good care of your boiler:

  • How To Perform A Toilet Tune-Up By Replacing Its Flapper Valve And Chain To Upgrade Its Functionality

    The "devil is in the details", or so the saying goes. When it comes to toilets, there is a lot of truth to that particular axiom. Despite the complexities of some modern flush toilets, the proper functioning of toilets often depends upon how well three simple parts operate: the flush lever, chain and flapper valve. As parts wear out or are poorly adjusted in the first place, your toilet's functioning will be greatly impaired.

  • Replacing A Sink Drain Isn't Too Tough--Here's How

    If your sink is starting to leak, then it is time to replace the drain. While you can certainly call a plumber and have them do the work for you (and there is nothing wrong with this!), you can probably manage to replace the drain yourself. There are just a couple simple steps you need to follow to ensure you won't have to call that plumber to clean up your mess.

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