family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

  • The Benefits Of PVC Plumbing Pipes

    If you are own an older home, you may need to have your home re-piped. Re-piping is needed if your old metal pipes are begin to rust, corrode, or crack. The frequency in which this needs to happen varies based on the type of pipes you have and the weather elements where you live, but a plumber can help you determine when it is time. Many plumbers recommend that you use plastic pipes for home plumbing instead of metal pipes now.

  • Sewer Diving: No, It's Not A Hobby, But The Pay Is Awesome

    Most sewer systems collect waste and wastewater from the streets. A sewer main is the main sewer tunnel that travels from any one area to the nearest sewage treatment plant. Whenever there is a high volume of sewage and/or sewer water, there is always the risk of blockages by feces and harder debris. That is when cities call in the sewer divers. Here is more about sewer divers and what they do.

  • Toilet Overflowing? Here's What to Do and What to Avoid at All Costs

    Overflowing, clogged toilets can be frustrating, but they're one of those things that everyone experiences at some point. Knowing how to fix the problem quickly and efficiently can help you prevent a bathroom calamity. Here's what you should do, and what you should avoid doing, when your toilet becomes clogged. Catch It Quickly When the flapper inside the tank is up, it releases water into the toilet. So if your toilet is filling up after flushing, and it looks like it's about to overflow, quickly remove the lid of the tank and push the flapper down.

  • Tips for Naturally Unclogging a Drain

    If you are washing the dishes or trying to take a shower, and the water is not going down quickly enough, you are going to get annoyed. You need to make sure that your drains are clear to avoid these inconveniences. Here are some tips for clearing your drains naturally. 1. Plunge Your Kitchen Drain There might be food particles that are trapped in the P-trap that is underneath the sink in your kitchen.

  • Why You Shouldn't Install Your Own Water Heater

    If your existing water heater has stopped working, you might be thinking about going out and buying another one and installing it yourself. However, even though it might seem like an easy job for you to DIY, you might find that you are better off hiring a professional plumber from a place like Garabedian Plumbing & Heating Inc to help you instead. These are a few reasons why. 1. It's Important to Choose the Right Water Heater

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