family plumbing awareness

family plumbing awareness

  • When Your Septic System Is Showing Signs Of Problems It's Time To Get Help

    A septic system doesn't require a ton of maintenance, but it should be cleaned out every other year to keep it from getting full. Your septic tank will last about 40 years, while your leach field will be in good shape for about 20 years. In the lifetime of one septic tank, you'll need to have a second leach field created to keep your septic system working well. When you have a septic system, it's important to pay attention to signs that the system isn't working as well as it should.

  • Installation Considerations For Your New Hot Tub

    Buying a hot tub is a great investment for your family because it gives you somewhere to gather and relax in soothing heat. However, first-time hot tub buyers may not know how to choose the proper place to put their new tub, and may end up putting it somewhere that leads to problems down the road, either due to electrical connectivity issues or even soil instability. Here are some things to think about when you're deciding where to put your new investment.

  • Living In An Old Home With Concerning Sewer Pipes? Call A Plumber Right Away

    Living in a home that is decades old can often bring surprises and unexpected repairs and home improvement projects. If you think that there are some flaws with your sewer system, and that maybe the pipes under the ground are leaking or having concerns, this is a situation that needs immediate attention. If you don't know how old the septic system is, or when it was last examined, serviced, or replaced, find a sewer contractor in your area.

  • 3 Ways To Deal With A Lack Of Plumbing Repair Funds

    Do you have leaky plumbing in your home but can't afford to fix it? Are you considering selling your house because you simply can't pay for the maintenance costs? In many areas, owning a home and paying for a mortgage costs less than renting an apartment. At least until some emergency comes up and depletes your savings. Although you might be tempted to go back to renting, you shouldn't be forced to do so.

  • Some Things You Want To Know About Plumbing

    There are so many things you should know about your home plumbing, just to know that you are in the best position possible to be prepared to recognize problems early on and deal with them in the right way. Here is a list of some plumbing things you should keep in your mind when you own your own home: Leaky taps do more than waste water – Many homeowners have their leaky taps fixed once they start to really bother them.

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